Event Details

A One-Day Faculty Development Programme for the teaching faculty of the Department of Mathematics was organized on 11th February, 2023. Dr. A. George Maria Selvam, Head of the Department, welcomed everyone to the programme and insisted on the importance of software-assisted learning, and appealed to the staff to learn mathematical tools so that they can be incorporated into the curriculum in the next revision of the syllabus. Dr. D. Ajay, the Association President, introduced the resource person for the FDP Dr. Kaspar, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore.

Dr. Kaspar instructed the participants on how R software could be installed and introduced the basic concepts of R language, the syntax rules, and the basic commands used. He also elaborated on arithmetic operations, creating vectors using the ‘c’ function in R programming, creating matrices, operations on matrices and finding the inverse of matrices. The important topics in statistics such as finding mean, median, mode, quartile deviation, and standard deviation were discussed. Dr. Kaspar also elaborated on creating tables using data. frame command and importing data from external sources like excel files. Then the discussion continued on plotting the data through graphs such as bar diagrams, pie charts, histograms, etc. Finding correlation and regression for the statistical data were also discussed. Dr. G. Britto Antony Xavier proposed the vote of thanks.