Event Details

The NSS Unit of Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur, joined hands with the Lions Club of Tirupattur Host and the Police Cyber Crime Division - Tirupattur District to organize an enlightening talk on "Social Justice, Human Rights, and Cyber Crime" on 20th July 2023 at  Pope Francis Hall, Sacred Heart College. The primary objective was to raise awareness about the crucial issues of social justice, human rights, and the growing challenges posed by cybercrime in today's world. At the heart of the event was Ms. M. Prema, an Inspector of Police from the Cyber Crime Division - TPT, who delivered invaluable insights on cybercrime, data privacy, and the hurdles faced by law enforcement in combatting cyber threats.

The talk drew an enthusiastic audience consisting of students, faculty members, and Lions Club members from Tirupattur Host. Dr. G. Mohan Gandhi, NSS Programme Officer of SHC, warmly welcomed everyone, setting the tone for the event. The invaluable guidance and discourse on upholding human rights were shared by PMJF Lion Prof. Dr. Rathina Natarajan – PDG, whose contribution was instrumental in the success of the event. Additionally, Lion Dr. C.R. Christi Anandan, Asst. Professor P.G. & Research Dept. of Social Work and Immediate Past President of the Lions Club of Tirupattur Host, delivered the vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to all participants and contributors. Under the coordination of Dr. Clayton Michael Fonceca, the event was executed seamlessly. A total of 150 NSS volunteers from Sacred Heart College actively participated, gaining significant insights from the informative session.Inspector Prema highlighted the paramount importance of social justice and human rights in the digital age. She emphasized the risks associated with cyber activities and stressed the need to safeguard personal data. The talk also shed light on the legal implications of cybercrime and underscored the significance of collaborative efforts in addressing these emerging challenges.


The presence and involvement of the Lions Club of Tirupattur Host added further significance to the event, reflecting the community's steadfast commitment to promoting awareness and tackling issues pertaining to social justice, human rights, and cybercrime. Ultimately, the event accomplished its objective by effectively raising awareness and fostering a collective sense of responsibility in countering cyber threats, thereby contributing to the creation of a safer digital environment for all.