Event Details

The Research Forum, Sacred Heart College organised a session on Science, Opinion and Superstition on 30yj June, 2023. Dr. T. Venkateswaran, Scientist-F, UGC, Vigyanprasar, New Delhi was the resource person. Students from various science disciplines such as Biochemistry, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics attended the event. Dr. Parthibraja, Head, Department of Tamil, introduced the chief guest. Dr. Venkateswaran addressed on the intersection between science, opinion, and superstition. He emphasized the significance of science in shaping our understanding of the world. He discussed the scientific method, its rigorous approach to inquiry, and its role in uncovering evidence-based knowledge. The speaker delved into the concept of opinions and highlighted the importance of critical thinking when evaluating information. He stressed the need for individuals to differentiate between personal opinions and scientific facts.

Dr. Venkateswaran shed light on the prevalence of superstitions in society and the negative consequences they can have on decision-making processes. He presented examples and case studies to illustrate the detrimental effects of superstition on various aspects of life. In conclusion, Dr. Venkateswaran emphasized the role of science communication in dispelling superstitions and promoting scientific thinking. He encouraged the students to engage in scientific discourse, ask questions, and challenge unfounded beliefs.