Event Details

The Department of Computer Science, Sacred Heart College (Autonomous), Tirupattur organised the Workshop titled “Version Control System - Git and GitHub” on 07th September, 2023 at Louis Mathias Hall, in collaboration with Xavier Board Colleges (Auxilium College & Gonzaga College). The resource person was Mr. Prasanth Rao, Python Developer, Cogno AI | Exotel Bangalore. The resource person addressed the gathering on three sessions: Introduction to Version Control System and Getting Started Git, Working with Local Repositories and Branching, Collaborative Development with Remote Repositories and Advanced Git Features and Best Practices.

The event provided a comprehensive exploration of the developer team to efficiently communicate and manage (track) all the changes that have been made to the source code along with the information like who made and what changes have been made and a practical application task that allowed students to showcase their skills. With a diverse group of participants from various courses and colleges, the workshop provided a platform for collaboration and learning. The participants were III BSc (CS) (43 Students), Shift-I, III B.Sc (CS) (14 Students), Shift-II I M.Sc (CS) (20 Students), Shift-I, II M.Sc (CS) (16 Students), Shift-I & Xavier Board Colleges (40 including faculty). The event was coordinated by Dr. A.Mekala and Dr.R.Sandrilla, Faculty, Department of Computer Science respectively.