Event Details

On 8th September 2023, Sacred Heart College (Autonomous), Tirupattur District organized a programme on "Enhancing Horticulture through Mulching and Planting of Endangered Tree Saplings," as a beacon of environmental responsibility and sustainable practices. This event was a testament to the college's commitment to a greener and more sustainable future. Organized collaboratively by NSS – SHC, together with the P.G. & Research Department of Social Work - SHC, the Eco Club – SHC, and proudly hosted in partnership with the esteemed Lions Club of Tirupattur Host, this initiative was a symbol of unity in the pursuit of environmental conservation. The event commenced with the symbolic planting of 25 endangered tree species, each selected for its ecological significance. The list included Chionanthus ramiflorus, Mallotus nudiflorus, Justicia beddomei, and others. The program marked the official inauguration of the 'Go Green Grow Green' initiative, a student-led endeavor initiated by the P.G. & Research Department of Social Work at Sacred Heart College since 2017. A significant component of the program involved the mulching of 126 trees across the college campus.

Dr. Clayton Michael Fonceca, the organizing secretary, welcomed the gathering and set the tone for the program. Dr. K. Arockia Raj elucidated the importance of green practices and provided insights into the 'Go Green Grow Green' initiative. Dr. C.R. Christi Anandan, Asst. Professor, P.G. & Research Department of Social Work, honored Rev. Dr. D. Maria Antony Raj, Principal - SHC, with a shawl and a sapling, symbolizing the initiation of the program. Dr. G. Mohan Gandhi, NSS Programme Officer, honored Lion M.L. Gudiyannan, President of the Lions Club of Tirupattur Host, with a shawl and a sapling, which was subsequently planted. Lion M.L. Gudiyannan delivered the chief guest address, emphasizing the critical importance of environmental conservation and fostering a green planet. Rev. Dr. D. Maria Antony Raj, Principal – SHC, delivered the presidential address, highlighting the significance of adopting sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Dr. U. Ramesh, NSS Programme Officer, played a crucial role in organizing and coordinating the NSS volunteers' efforts, ensuring the program's smooth execution. Dr. Jude, the Coordinator of the Eco Club, actively engaged students in eco-conscious activities and contributed to the program's environmental objectives, including improving air quality on campus. Dr. Mario, who originally conceived the idea and supported the project, provided valuable guidance and expertise throughout the initiative. Father Nidhin, another key supporter, contributed to the project's success by facilitating necessary resources and support. The program witnessed active participation from 152 students.