Event Details

The Faculty Development Programme on AI Tools for Teaching & Learning was organized on 4th October, 2023. The event began with a prayer song followed by a prayer rendered by Rev. Dr. D. Maria Antony Raj SDB, Principal Sacred Heart College (Autonomous), Tirupattur. He welcomed the faculty for the faculty development programme. In his introductory speech, Rev. Fr. Principal addressed the gathering on the importance and the need to understand the application of AI in teaching and learning. Mr. V. Madhan Kumar, Asst. Professor, Department of English introduced and welcomed the resource personnel Dr. Arul Kumar and Dr. M. Krishant, Assistant Professors, from the Department of Data Science, St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Trichy. He lauded their remarkable achievements and accolades, setting the tone for an engaging and informative session ahead.

Dr. Arul Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Data Science, St. Joseph's College (Autonomous), Trichy, started the first session by shedding light on the world of Open AI and BARD. He provided a comprehensive overview of Chat GPT and its various iterations, including Legacy Chat GPT 3.5, Default Chat GPT 3.5, and the newly introduced Chat GPT 4 (Paid Version). The faculty received hands-on training on leveraging Chat GPT for instant answers, creative inspiration, course content creation, syllabus development, and the creation of multiple-choice questions and detailed questions following Blooms Taxonomy. Additionally, valuable insights were shared on scientific paper writing, generating inferences, and note preparation using Chat GPT. The session further delved into BARD, Google's conversational AI, highlighting its web-sourced information and capabilities in simulating human-like conversations through natural language processing and machine learning. Faculty members had the opportunity to gain practical experience with BARD.

Dr. M. Krishant, Assistant Professor, from the Department of Data Science, St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Trichy oriented the faculty on AI Tools for Teaching and Learning. In his lecture, he presented a list of open AI Tools along with its uses and application: GPT Playground (OpenAI), Quillbot – Grammar and Plagiarism Check, Microsoft Bing AI – Similar to Chat GPT, Microsoft Bing Image Creator – Create images, GPT Zero – Human or AI generated text finder, Tome.app – PPT Creator, HeyGen – E-Content Preparation (Text to video), Adobe Firefly – AI image creator, ChatPDF – Reads and creates questions from any PDF, Removebg – Removes background image, Soundraw – Music editing and download tool, Colorize – Black and white pictures to colour, Kickresume – Resume Creator, Elevenlab – Text to voice converter, QRFox – Adding colour to QR code, Clip Interrogator – Finding the source of any image, Brndmark.io – Creating a logo or brand name and Tineywow – Free AI Writing an integration of all the key tools.

To express gratitude and appreciation, Rev. Dr. D. Maria Antony Raj SDB, the Principal of Sacred Heart College, invited Dr. Antony Baskaran and Dr. Arul Doss to felicitate Dr. Arul Kumar and Dr. M. Krishant, Assistant Professors from the Department of Data Science at St. Joseph's College, Trichy, for their invaluable contributions. The faculty development program reached its conclusion with a vote of thanks presented by Dr. Sandrilla, Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur. The event marked a significant step toward harnessing the potential of AI tools to enhance teaching and learning, ultimately paving the way for a more enriched educational experience for both faculty and students alike.