# Year Name of the student Name of the Guide Department Title of the proposal Amount Sanctioned
1 2022-2023 S. Gopika (BP200905) K. Prabu Biochemistry Comparative Study on in Vitro Wound Healing Potential of Leaf and Stem Extract of Ruellia Tuberosa 10,000.00
2 2022-2023 N. Shanthini (BP200712) Dr. Arokiamary Management Studies The Mindset of Z Generation During College And Their Future Workplace 10,000.00
3 2022-2023 B.K. Manimegalai (BP200737) Mr. R. Alexander Management Studies The opinion of Shopkeepers on retail Fintech in Tirupattur Distict, Tamilnadu, India 10,000.00
4 2022-2023 K. Senthil Kumar (BP200223) & P. Tamil Elakkiya ( BP200218) Mr. N. Avinash Mathematics Fractional – Order Fuzzy Coronavirus Sidarthe Epidemic Model 10,000.00
5 2022-2023 S. Manivannan (AP200201) Dr. S. John Borg Mathematics Discrete Extorial Fractional Calculus And Laplace Transforms 9,000.00
6 2022-2023 M. Prabhavathy (AP200212), Mohanavarshini (AP200238) & V.Abirami (AP200238) Dr.G. Britto Antony Xavier Mathematics Epidemic Models Using Fractional Conformable Transforms Method 10,000.00
7 2020 S. Nivetha Dr. D. Ajay Mathematics Poverty Analysis using Neutrosotic Cubic Fuzzy Sets with a novel aggregate operator 10,000.00
8 2020 E.Sivaramakrishnan Dr. G. Theophil Anand Physics Conversion of biomass to activated carbon for super capacitor application 10,000.00
9 2020 G. Mahalakshmi Dr. A. Arokia Mary Commerce Social intelligence and styles of leadership-A critical analysis among the teachers and professors in educational institutions with special reference to selected districts in Tamilnadu 10,000.00
10 2019 J. Mariya Jothi Dr. A.Jayaprakash Biochemistry Anticancer Activity of Enteromorpha compressa against Ovarian Cancer Cell Line 10,000.00
11 2019 P. Kirubanandhan Mr. G. Sivaelango Biochemistry Removal Of Fluoride content from Drinking water using Skin, Leaf of Punica granatum (pomegranate) 10,000.00
12 2019 G. Nobika Joy Mrs. R.Ananthalakshmi Biochemistry Biosynthesis And Characterisation Of Molybdenum Nanoparticles Using Wood Apple Shell Extract 10,000.00
13 2019 P. Akshadha Mr. G. Jayakumar Physics Synthesis and characterization of Cerium oxide and Cerium Manganite Perovskite thin films by Dip coating method towards the supercapacitor applications 5,000.00
14 2019 A. Govinda samy Dr. S. John Sundaram Physics Green synthesis and characterization of spinel ferrites (M-Fe2O4) for photocatalytic and biomedical applications 8,000.00
15 2019 S. Umapathi Rev. Dr. G. Theophil Anand Physics Microwave Assisted Synthesis of Copper Oxide Nanoparticles using Silk Cocoon Extract for Antimicrobial activity 6,000.00
16 2019 M. Nandhini Dr. S. A. Martin Britto Dhas Physics Investigations on Phase Transformation of Amorphous to Crystalline SiO2 Nanoparticles by Shock waves 5,000.00
17 2019 S. Kethrin Thresa Mr. G. Jayakumar Physics Solvothermal method of synthesis of Lanthanum oxide nanoparticles towards gas sensor applications 5,000.00
18 2019 V. Muthuvel Dr. S. John Sundaram Physics Investigation on the green synthesis of metal oxide(ZnO, CuO, AgO, FeO and NiO) nanoparticles for photocatalytic and biomedical applications- An eco-friendly approach 7,000.00
19 2019 ??. ???? ??????? ??. ???????????????? ????? பாணர் இனவரைவியல் நோக்கில் “நிலம் பூத்து மலர்ந்த நாள் 5,000.00
20 2019 ??. ???? ??????? ??. ???????????????? ????? கிறித்துவக் கதைப்பாடல்களில் சமுதாயப் பார்வை 5,000.00
21 2019 ??. ?????? ??????? ??. ???????????????? ????? அ. வெண்ணிலாவின் கவிதைகளில் பெண்ணியச் சிந்தனையும் சமுதாயப் பார்வையும் 5,000.00
22 2018 M. George Clinton Dr.S. Sasi Kumar MBA Gender differences in academic resilience and academic achievement among the students of sacred heart college Tirupattur 8,500.00
23 2018 P Haritha Dr.K. Arockia Raj Social work Leadership competencies among class leaders in Sacred Heart College 8,000.00
24 2018 Martha Dr.K. Arockia Raj Social Work Nutritional practices among college students at Sacred Heart College (Autonomous), tirupattur, Vellore District. 8,000.00
25 2018 S. Soniya Rev.Fr.S. Henry Daniel Ambrose Social Work Determinants of stress among higher secondary school students in and around the tirupattur schools, Vellore Distruct. 9,000.00
26 2018 Prathap Rev.Fr.S. Henry Daniel Ambrose Social Work Challenges faced by orphans and semi orphans students 8,000.00
27 2018 G Aashika Dr.K. Arockia Raj Social work Extent of Holistic development educational initiative in CBSE and state board school- stakeholders analysis 8,000.00
28 2018 Loveson Dangmei Dr.K. Arockia Raj Social work Factors for academic failures among the college students 8,000.00
29 2018 Chingdeihhau Dr.K. Arockia Raj Social work Livelihood of rural women under NRLM and its contribution to their socio-economic development in Kurumbakeri, Tirupattur Vellore district 8,000.00
30 2018 Priyanga Rev.Fr.S. Henry Daniel Ambrose Social Work Problems of youth in slum 7,700.00
31 2018 R. Naveen kumar Mr.L. Anandaraj Physics A study on the NLO property of Ammonium carbonate doped potassium pentaborate tetra hydrate and pure KB5 unidirectional single crystal by Sankaranarayana Ramasamy method 8,000.00
32 2018 R. Sylvia Reena Mr.D. Rajkumar Physics Investigation on Dyposium substituted highly porous Zinc ferrite nanocrystals for the application of photo fenton activity 8,000.00
33 2018 M. Priyadharshini Mr.L. Anandaraj Physics Growth and studies of barium chloride dehydrate doped Hippuric acid crystals 5,000.00
34 2018 V. Chandru and A Radha Dr. V.Durga Devi Biochemistry Pilot study on reuse of sanitary water from tirupattur sanitary lake for agriculture 8,000.00
35 2018 A. Maseeha Dr. S.Anbu Biochemistry Effect of Zinc Glycinate on the seed pre-sowing treatment in green gram 8,000.00
36 2018 D. Sivaranjani Dr.M. Manigandan Microbiology Analysis of chemical composition, antimicrobial and Larvacidal activities of Plectranthus amboinicus (Lour.) against mosquito vector 8,000.00
37 2018 A. Nowrin Fathima and R. Vishnupriya Ms.R. Ananthalakshmi Biochemistry Preliminary phytochemical screening of aqueous extract of plantain flower bract and its antioxidant activity 5,000.00
38 2018 S. Kashiba Musarath and S. Nagalakshmi Dr.P. Saranraj Biochemistry Effect of seasonal vibration on the bacterial enteric coliform and potability of drinking water collected from different locations of vellore district, Tamilnadu, India 5,000.00
39 2018 V. Vinodhini and R. Sathya Dr.I. Niyas Ahamed Biochemistry Preparation of Iron oxide nanoparticles based alginate beads for environmental remediation 5,000.00
40 2018 M. Sangeetha Mr.M. Fernandus Durai Biochemistry Innovative synthesis of ZnO nanoparticles using watermelon (citrullus lanatus) rind and its antiinfectious property 5,000.00
41 2018 N. A. Veilankanni Dr.P. Balasubramanian Tamil திருக்குறள், நாலடியார், விவிலியம் (மத்தேயு நற்செய்தி) ஒப்பிட்டு நோக்கில் அறம் 5,000.00
42 2018 K. Devibala Dr.P. Balasubramanian Tamil சு.தமிழ்செல்வியின் புதினங்களும் சமகாலப் பெண் வாழ்வும் 5,000.00
43 2018 N. John Benhar & J. Lidiya Pricilla Rev. Dr.Joe Sanjay Counselling Psychology The struggle of puthirai vannar community “the unseeables” : an interpretative phenomenological analysis 9,000.00
44 2018 A. Sathyapriya (BR180401) Dr. Jude Vimal Michael Chemistry Microwave assisted synthesis of ZnS nanostructures and its renewable energy applications 7,000.00
45 2018 D. Chinnasamy (BR180402) Dr. V. Collins Arun Prakash Chemistry Development of high strength nanobioceramic materials for biomedical applications 7,000.00
46 2018 K. Suganthi (BR180105) Dr. A Arockia Mary Commerce A study on brand awareness, usage and impact of Smartphone on studies with special reference to students studying in Sacred Heart College (Autonomous), Tirupattur. 7,000.00
47 2018 A. Premkumar (BR180001), V. Suresh (BR180002), I. Ajithkumar (BR180003) Dr. A Xavier Susairaj, Dr K. Sivakumar, Dr. A Royal Edward Williams Economics A study on health seeking behaviour of indigenous tribes in nilavoor village yelahiri hills, Tamilnadu 10,000.00
48 2017 S. Vaishnavi Dr. S. A. Martin Britto Dhas Physics Design and fabrication of Refractometer by Image processing method 8,000.00
49 2017 M. Raajini and B. Aarthi Prof. N. Madhavan Physics Growth and characterization of novel nonlinear optical Imidazolium complex single crystals 9,000.00
50 2017 A. Priyatharshini Dr.J. Anto Pradeep Physics Preparation and characterization of nanocrystalline silicon thin films 6,000.00
51 2017 V. Ranjitha and D. Anbarasi Dr.V. Collins Arun Prakash Chemistry Synthesis and characterization of Zn-doped nanohydroxyapatite for biomedical applications 9,000.00
52 2017 G. Harikesevan  and M. Aaisha Prof. R. Ananthalakshmi Biochemistry Effect of silver nanoparticles on beneficial microbes in the environmen 9,000.00
53 2017 N. Gomathi Dr.I. Niyas Ahamed Biochemistry Evaluation of Novel Nano-Composite as water purification application. 6,500.00
54 2017 A. Umamageswari and K. Mukesh Prof. A.C. Gomathi Biochemistry Biosynthesis and Characterization of Silver Nanoparticles using Stem Extract of Moringa oleifera leaf and its Antibacterial activity 9,000.00
55 2017 D. Archana S. Kaviyarasu and S. Sheeba Dr.S. Anbu Biochemistry Efficacy of amino acids and bio-solution on the Seed pre-sowing treatment in Black gram 10,000.00
56 2017 A.Tamilventhan Dr.A.Jayaprakash Biochemistry Phytochemicals of Terminalia Arjuna bark extracts and their larvicidal activity on dengue fever mosquito Ades Aegypti 6,500.00
57 2017 E. L. Gohila Prof. M. Meganathan Mathematics Discrete Fourier Decomposition of Trigonometric Functions 10,000.00