The Examination cell of the college attained the autonomous status in the academic year (1987 - 1988) for shift I. The shift II was introduced in the year 1986 under the University of Madras and later in the year 2003 it was affiliated to the Thiruvalluvar University. The examination cell of shift II attainded the autonomous status in the academic year (2007 - 2008). The applications for the examinations are issued by the controllers and the internal assessment as well as the semester examination is conducted by the controller of examination, In addition to that the Ph.D and M.Phil viva is also conducted by the controller of examination. Evaluation of the exam papers and re-valuation are also monitered here. The COE office also provide the UG and PG mark sheets.

Name From To
Rev. Dr. S. John Borg 11-06-2022 Till date
Rev. Dr. Praveen Peter 24-05-2015 09-06-2022
Rev. Dr. Maria Antonyraj 24-05-2010 23-05-2015
Rev. Dr. A. T. Thomas 24-05-2006 23-05-2010
Rev. Dr.C. Antonyraj 24-05-2003 23-05-2006
Prof. G. Chandrasekar 24-05-1997 23-05-2003
Rev. Br. Joseph Dass 24-05-1992 23-05-1997
Prof. T. Raghavan 15-06-1987 23-05-1992

The Controller of Examinations is appointed by the Secretary of the college in consultation with the Management Council.

He prepares the budget for the Controller's office and gets it approved by the Finance Committee.

He Supervises the controller's office staff and sanctions leave for its office staff.

He is the Convener for the Examination Committee.

He is incharge for all the examinations both CA and Semester.

He appoint question paper setters and examiners in the name of College Council in consultation with the Principal and HOD's.

He approves the payment of remuneration to the question paper setters and the examiners.

He publishes the examination time table.

He publishes the semester examination results after the approval of the Governing Body.

He prepares and sends the semester mark sheets and the cumulative mark sheets to the HOD's and keeps the record

He forwards the results to the University for the Award of Degree.

Semester Examinations

After the last date, the application forms will be accepted, with a penalty fee of Rs.100/-(Rs. One Hundred Only). Under no circumstances, will any application be accepted thereafter.

Application forms will be accepted, only after the payment of all the college fees.

The fees once paid, will not be refunded or carried over to the subsequent examinations.

The outgoing students UG are requested to submit a copy of a passport size photo & PG are requested to submit a copy of a stamp size photo along with the application form. Kindly write your Name and Register Number on the backside of the photograph. All students should write their Initial and Name both in English & Tamil In the Semester Application Form.

A fine of Rs.50/- will be charged if any correction has to be made after the submission of the application.


Candidates will be permitted, to appear only for those subjects for which their names have been registered.

After the stipulated period the candidates may appear for papers in which they have arrears after paying Rs.500/- for each paper. This amount is apart from fees for Application, Statement of Marks and University fees.

The candidates will lose their chance of appearing for the examinations, if they furnish wrong subject codes in their application forms. Therefore, they are requested to refer to the list of the subject codes before filling in their application forms.