Dear Friends,
Warm greetings to you.
“Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory” says Mahatma Gandhi. Looking back at the year that has passed, I surely wonder at how God has lead us in this journey of exciting endeavors. This year was quite eventful and significant because of some notable occasions we had. The most significant one was the 4th Cycle visit of National Accreditation and Assessment Council (NAAC) to our College on 28th and 29th of January 2019. I am happy and proud to state that our College has been accredited with ‘A+’ grade with a CGPA of 3.31/4 under Revised Assessment Frame Work. This accreditation amply justifies all the hard work that has been put in the past for the growth of the institution by the management, faculty, students and alumni and hence I take this opportunity to thank them all whole heartedly.
I would like to also mention that our College has been in the forefront among some of the top institutions in India. In the IT survey of India Today magazine that was conducted last year 2018, our institution stands at 73rd place in Arts and Science Colleges India level.
Dear Reader, we continue to make steady progress in the field of higher education, so that our service to our young people meet the qualitative and quantitative demands of today’s job market. The growth of the College is multidimensional as we aim at the holistic development of the students. In this regard, lot of infrastructural developments had to be put in place to cope up to the dreams of demands of the stake holders.
To mention a few are, completion of new sports indoor stadium, Savio sports hostel, construction of new ATM etc., which stand as tall witness for our growth and development. “Excellence is an never ending pursuit” goes a saying and it is very obvious that we can never become complacent about what we have accomplished so far and hence we continue to move on.
I heartily congratulate the entire Sacred Heart family for their unstinted support in the life and growth of this great institution. I am proud to mention that every stake holder of this College has contributed their level best to the growth of it and I whole heartedly thank them.
As we complete this academic year, let us be grateful to our God, our Blessed Mother and our dear Father and Founder St. John Bosco for their benevolence and blessings. May we grow in their Grace so that we may be continually inspired to reach the unreachable.
May God Bless Sacred Hearts!
With regards and Prayers

Rev.Dr.D.Maria Antony Raj, SDB