Dear Friends,

We are reaching the end of the year and our hearts are filled with gratitude for the wonderful year we have had. God has been very good to us and we acknowledge this whenever we come together in prayer. I have heard from our retired teachers, parents, faculty members, well wishers, students, workers and Salesian family members the beauty of Sacred Heart Campus. The family atmosphere in which we try to form the young people is very much appreciated. Over the years we have built up beautiful infrastructure for learning and for growing in wisdom. The holistic approach to student formation is seen in the serene atmosphere in which the boys and girls are able to pursue their studies in the College.
The Salesian community witnesses to the unity, hard work and simplicity. The faculty members imbibing the spirit of Don Bosco, share the same vision and mission of the institution. The core values of the College: primacy of God, honesty, respect for all, being responsible and pursuit of excellence guide everyone in the campus to become good and honest citizens. May Sacred Heart continue to bless us.

Rev. Dr. C. Anthony Raj, SDB